Wireless Internet access is currently available throughout the Javits Convention Center. As there will be 25,000 people in the building for Engage and Toy Fair it is not practical to offer wireless to attendees. The Javits center is simply not that well equipped. However, individuals my purchase their own wireless access from Javits.

Please see the details below if you are interested in purchasing wireless.

Javits Center Wireless Internet

The service can accommodate one computer per connection and can only be subscribed to on site from the computer that will be accessing the Internet. Pricing is as follows (prices are subject to change):

256K bandwidth:

$4.95 per hour
$29.95 per show day
$69.95 for (3) days

It is up to the customer to be familiar with using wireless services, as we do not offer technical support for connectivity issues.

Basic Connection Steps:

1. Turn on your wireless ready computer (from your booth or anywhere within the Javits Center) and select the “Javits” wireless access point.
2. Open up your internet browser and the sign up page will appear.
3. If you have previously purchased access use the login area on the left hand side of the screen to login using your email address and the password you specified at purchase.
4. If you have not previously purchased access, click on the Get High Speed Internet Access button and provide the required billing and credit card information and you will be given access once you sign up successfully.
5. A receipt for your purchase will be emailed to the address specified at sign up.

Please be aware that VPN is not supported on our wireless network. We do not sell wireless cards or any other wireless accessories here on site.


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